Helping you build successful Indigenous workplace inclusion strategies and corporate/Indigenous engagements

The situation surrounding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. We are closely monitoring developments regarding COVID-19 and following the guidance provided by local and federal health authorities.

The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is of critical importance.  Therefore, as of March 19, our staff members are working remotely and we have cancelled all public training workshops until further notice. However, our staff remain available to support you for all your Indigenous Employment and Workplace inclusion needs through our online consulting and advisory servicese-learning through Inclusion Classroom, job postings though our job board and other Indigenous Inclusion Resources.  You can download our product and services catalogue for advisory services and all the above products.

Climb the seven-stage Inclusion Continuum

Where is your company on the Inclusion Continuum?

Stage 1 – Indifference, Stage 2 – Intimidation, Stage 3 – Image, Stage 4 – Initiation, Stage 5 – Incubation, Stage 6 – Integration, Stage 7 – Inclusion

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Seven Stage Engagement Framework

Our new partnership model is immersed in cultural understandings that can inform strategies and practices that are needed to successfully develop partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies and organizations.Learn more

Corporate/Indigenous Partnerships for Employment Video & Workbook

Register to download Indigenous Works free Video and Workbook on

Corporate/Indigenous  Partnerships for Employment’

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Partnership Video And Guide

Indigenous Works has produced a free 19-minute Video and accompanying Guide.  

The Video provides a tour of Indigenous Works’ 7-stage Partnership Model. Learn valuable insights and tips on the journey to develop and sustain successful Indigenous/ non-Indigenous partnerships.

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What's New

  • 2020 CHARTER PLANNING PARTNERS To Advance Indigenous Learning, Research and Innovation for Economic Well-being Charter Planning Partners List
  • In January 2020, the national research organization tri-agencies (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) released the strategic plan: Setting New Directions to Support Indigenous Research and Research Training in Canada (SIRC). The SIRC describes a number of areas for action, each of which has been addressed in a draft implementation plan developed by NSERC.  Indigenous Works is expanding its work in the “Indigenous Innovation Agenda” to coordinate collaborations with our members, mainstream business and Indigenous community and business priorities.  
  • Inclusion Works '19 was a huge success!  We wish to thank our Keynote, Speakers, Facilitators and Participants who contributed to the success of this annual event.  Please click on this link to the Inclusion Works '19 page for photos, presentations and post-event information.
  • We are excited to share our video - Indigenous Engagement.  This 10 minute video presentation, hosted by Indigenous Works, is a profile of the strategies of many business sectors to develop partnerships with Corporate Canada.
  • Guiding Circles Step One & Step Two Public Workshop Calendar 2020 access here.
  • Click here to view Inclusion Works '18 Photos
  • Click here to view photos and information on the recipients of the 2018 Workplace Inclusion Leadership Awards.
  • Corporate Indigenous Learning Video and Guide offers help to Indigenous groups and businesses to build authentic partnerships.  Click on this link to view the press release.
  • Research Reveals Large Partnership Gaps Between Corporate Canada and Indigenous Communities.  Click on this link to view the press release.
  • Indigenous Works has released the National Report on Inclusion. You can view the National Report here.

Featured Videos

Kelly Lendsay – A Workforce and Partnership Solution

A split second decision can change your entire life. This was the case for Adam Poitras. Check out this video created by True Calling Canada. Find out more about our partner True Calling at!

Adam channels his passion of building things through his work as a Web & IT Manager at Indigenous Works, aimed towards workplace inclusion for the Indigenous Community.

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