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Corporate Social Responsibility

Leading-edge companies regard Indigenous workplace inclusion as a means to grow new markets and improved relationships with employees and customers. These companies believe that creating a social impact investing strategy to help develop capacity in the Indigenous workforce and support wellness activities in Indigenous communities is a critical and powerful business driver for their own growth, and one that will strengthen Canada’s socio-economic position.

According to a TD Bank white paper, in 2010, global assets under management in impact investing were estimated to be approximately $50 billion, and are expected to reach at least $400 billion by 2020 – an increased investment of $350 billion in just 15 years.

Consumers are basing their buying decisions on how they view a company’s ability to give back to our collective community ¾ not just the company’s bottom line.

Corporate social opportunities go beyond the usual practices of maximizing profits for shareholders who have invested in organizations. Striving for social responsibility considers the organizations’ stakeholders in its decision-making and actions. It also means that organizations, while seeking profits, balance the values to be gained against the costs of achieving the benefits.

Supporting Services and Products

  • Our charity, Kocihta, designed to help build capacity in the Indigenous workforce by empowering Indigenous youth to reach their career potential. Kocihta offers program and public awareness opportunities to support your company's Indigenous workplace inclusion, CSR, and social impact investment strategies.
  • Diagnostics to benchmark your Indigenous CSR strategies.

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