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Getting Started

Attend our Annual National Signature Event -- Inclusion Works

As a great starting point that provides you with new and continuous learning and networking, attend our national signature event, Inclusion Works.

Advance Indigenous Workplace Inclusion & Build Partnerships with the Indigenous Community

We can help you build prosperous partnerships with the Indigenous community by advancing your Indigenous workplace inclusion strategies to climb our seven-stage Inclusion Continuum. Access our advisory services and workplace inclusion diagnostic products, participate in our management learning / recruitment events and online / instructor-led training, and join a strong community-of-practice in Indigenous workplace inclusion through our Leadership Circle partner program.  

Become an Agent of Change

Promote Indigenous workplace inclusion by talking about it -- start the dialogue with family, friends, colleagues, or online! HIRE workers. Invest in Indigenous people and communities.  Visit a First Nations, Métis or Inuit community and start building a relationship of understanding and trust.  

Be an advocate for Indigenous inclusion in your workplace and community. You can get involved by supporting one of our Kocihta charity programs that are designed to support the Indigenous community by helping Indigenous youth reach their career potential. Become a Kocihta volunteer eMentor and help Indigenous youth overcome their barriers to stay in school, plan a career path of their choice, and get connected to a career opportunity.

Connections for Indigenous People

Spread the word about the various opportunities we have available for Indigenous youth/candidates such as our online national job site, Inclusion Networkannual Inclusion Works National Recruitment Fair (open to post-secondary grads), annual National Aboriginal Virtual Recruitment Fair  (open to all Indigenous job candidates), and career development/mentoring opportunities through Kocihta.

Tell Us Your Story

Send us your story – an Indigenous career development or a promising Indigenous workplace practice in human resources, leadership, communications/marketing, procurement and corporate social responsibility.

Contact Us

Contact us today to learn how your company can get involved to advance Indigenous inclusion OR how you, as an Indigenous person, can advance your career path.

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