Seven Steps to Certification

Here are the Seven Steps to Certification once you have registered and paid the required fees.

Step 1 – You receive an Orientation and Training Instructional Kit for Certification  which provides details about the certification process, sample question responses and rationales. The instructional kit prepares organizations to take the certification test.

Step 2 - You are asked to designate an individual (or a team up to 2 people) as Indigenous Works Employer of Choice Certification Administrators. Administrators are encouraged to establish a cross functional team to provide input and advice on various test questions.

Step 3 - Administrators will work with an Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice Certification Auditor. The Auditor delivers the certification test and recommends the employer for certification.

Step 4 - Employer Administrators complete the Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice Certification Standards Test Questionnaire.

Step 5- The Indigenous Employer of Choice Certification Auditor reviews the Certification Test Response Document, verifies the test scores and the accompanying documentation completed by the employer.

Step 6 - The Auditor makes a recommendation to Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice Certification Panel which approves the employers’ certification application, having verified that the minimum standards and criteria have been met.

Step 7 - Employers receive the Certification.

Certification is valid for 2 years.

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