"The Kocihta eMentoring program provided invaluable support to Oskayak High School students with regard to helping them navigate their educational and personal challenges to advance within a career of their choice."
           - Gordon Martell, Superintendent of Education, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools 

Oskayak High School (Saskatoon) Student Testimonials…

  • "This program (and you, of course. Ha) reminded me that I need to get focused, and try to make my dream job a reality. I couldn't event think of what I wanted to do two years from now, but now I think I got a grasp on it."  
  • "My mentor has helped me with post-secondary choices. I feel we have a lot in common.”
  • “I now have a different career choice because of my mentor.”
  • “It’s good that my mentors can share life and work experiences.”
  • “I’m learning many things from my mentor.”
  • “My mentor is good and is asking lots of questions.”

Kocihta Leadership Skill Build

A Life Changing Experience (profiling Indigenous participants)

Video Testimonials

"I believe by attending these prestigious events (Inclusion Works/Kocihta Leadership Skill Build), I wouldn't have had that inspiration and motivation in my heart and mind. I wouldn't be where I am today. An unforgettable experience. I truly believe that Aboriginal people can do "anything' they put their mind to."

 - Darina Beardy

Written Testimonials

Kocihta has helped lift my spirit, and provided me the skills I need to reach my career potential. Through my participation in the Kocihta Leadership Skill Build and Inclusion Works '15, and as the inaugural recipient of the 2015 Kocihta Leadership award, I feel honoured and ready to embark on a career journey that will enable me to make a positive influence in the lives of everyone, everywhere.

- Emily Ross

"My photos are shots from the most amazing, inspiring and memorable few days of my life…”

- Ashley Thomas-Jeffrey

We have all developed a greater sense of pride and a stronger sense of self.”

- Angela Wood

It is with much pride and emotion, that I send this email to those responsible for this event. WOW!! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! You not only inspired me; you empowered me!"

- Lizz Meloney

“I am extremely grateful and forever indebted to you and your organization for putting on a world class and innovative event such as Inclusion Works!!  I also had the extreme pleasure of being selected by the graduates to make the thank you speech to all of the organizers, sponsors, and facilitators. It is because of this event that I have been able to achieve my dream of working in corporate Calgary!!  

- Wanda Good

"My experience was very positive and I continue to look back on what it brought to me. I am happy to say that I am doing what I love and I am getting a competitive salary for my field. It has been a journey that I would like to share with other Aboriginals on the same path. I am looking forward to being given a chance to share my story and offer any guidance (to Kocihta career candidates)."

- Jean Francois Nepton


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