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Clean and Renewable Energy - Saskatchewan

As the Canadian economy shifts from fossil fuels to clean energy, it becomes apparent that Saskatchewan, a province vast in renewable resources, must soon begin the process of capturing more of this type of energy.  According to the National Energy Board’s ‘Energy Market Analysis, 2016,’ 66% of Canada’s energy is now generated by renewable energy sources and within Saskatchewan, renewable energy represents 25% of overall power production.

It is important to distinguish Saskatchewan from other jurisdictions within Canada, as the NEB’s report also states that “growth in renewables generally occurs as replacements for existing generation rather than in response to new demand... Canadian energy demand is generally flat.”  Though, in Saskatchewan, this not the case as the principal electric utility, SaskPower, has road mapped a plan to achieve 50% renewable power generation by 2030.  The province currently receives 83% of its power supply from Coal and Natural Gas. 

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