An Ad Hoc Committee Structure Will Guide the Charter Planning Process

The Charter planning process is benefitting from expertise and specialists with long reach into both the Indigenous business community and the research community. These ad hoc committees will provide an advisory role over the course of the Charter planning process. Five committees have been identified and more could be added, as needed. Eventually, some of these committee structures could be incorporated into structures which become part of Luminary’s governance model, once it is established.

Ad Hoc Advisory Committees



Committee 1:  Indigenous Student Research Talent -

A group of young Indigenous researchers that can inform on the needs and aspirations of their cohorts. What conditions are needed to support Indigenous researchers now and in the future.

Committee 2: Indigenous EDC’s & Business - 

A group of Indigenous businesses, business and economic organizations that can inform on the needs of Indigenous businesses and their innovation needs.

Committee 3: Deans of Business Schools 

A group of representative deans that share a vision to conduct stronger outreach into the Indigenous business community and to create linkages with Canadian corporations..

Committee 4: Strategic Thought Leadership 

A group of esteemed leaders that can provide ‘pig picture’ perspectives on the Charter Planning initiative as a whole and provide strategic guidance

Committee 5: Technical Committee 

A group of administrative leaders that can provide technical advice to further shape the systems, programs and mechanisms that will be needed for Luminary.


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