Advancing an Innovation Strategy for the Indigenous Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector

In the current Covid environment, issues of food security and food sovereignty have been raised as matters of high importance among Indigenous communities and businesses. Engagement in the modern commercial side of the agriculture and agri-food sector is still somewhat nascent for Indigenous people though there is a long history of agricultural activity and robust traditional economies. Our Luminary Agriculture project will focus on the role of research and innovation as the catalyst to new employment, business growth, and increased wellbeing for those engaged in this sector.

Our project offers a way for non-Indigenous businesses and institutions that have interests, expertise, and knowledge in the  agriculture and agri-food sector to engage with the Indigenous community in a methodical way, to increase Indigenous learning about current and future product/market opportunities, and to identify plans and projects by which Indigenous communities can leverage these opportunities to advance their participation in the sector.

Click here to download a copy of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Charter Partner Invitation.

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