Collective Impact

We will design a bold new framework.   Luminary partner, Anil Arora, Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada, will help us develop a new evaluation framework and metrics for innovation impact over the five-year period 2021-2026.

Engagement index metrics

Indigenous business + post secondaries

Indigenous business + Canadian corporations

-Indigenous business collaboration

Quality and number of research collaborations

Indigenous -led research sector plans

Growth in collaborations and research networks;

Increase in research funding to colleges and universities and Indigenous organizations

Growth in Indigenous research talent

Growth in innovation

Business growth and expansion
New product and service introduction
New patents, intellectual property, and licenses
New design patents
Indigenous expansion into growth sectors, Agriculture/agrifoods, renewable energy, STEM, etc
Increased Indigenous entry into new sectors of the economy e.g. Agriculture/Agrifoods;
Indigenous Canadian Businesses and the Global Innovation Index

Expansion of Indigenous research infrastructure

Expansion of research into Indigenous traditional knowledge and Indigenous social innovation

Change in the culture of research and innovation among Indigenous businesses and communities

Improvements in Indigenous economic and wellbeing indicators

Improved collaborations between Indigenous businesses, communities, post secondary institutions and Canadian  corporations,
-Close in socio-economic gaps
Progress toward a $100 Billion economy.
Increased Indigenous business competitiveness

On measuring impacts and measurement, our Luminary partners at the University of Alberta draw a comparison between Luminary and the Canadian Mountain Network (CMN).

The CMN was established in 2019 to support the resilience and health of Canada’s mountain peoples and places through research partnerships based on Indigenous and Western Ways of knowing that inform decision-making and action; generously supported by Canada’s research granting agencies though a five-year $18.3 million grant from the Networks of Excellence program, this represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to position Canada as a global leader in mountain systems research.

Luminary is similar to CMN in that Luminary is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to support the resilience and well-being of Indigenous communities, people and companies with a new Indigenous-led economic inclusion innovation agenda”. -- Dr. Walter Dixon, Interim Vice-President Research and Innovation and Dr. F. Glanfield, Vice-Provost, Indigenous Programming and Research.



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