Dialogue on First Nations Housing and Related Infrastructure

Convening Perspectives on the Co-Design of Legislation, Policy, and Program Innovations

Housing and infrastructure issues continue to confront many First Nation communities. Insufficient supply, inadequate construction, and inequitable approaches to safe and affordable housing are examples of issues. There are also better alignments needed between housing and infrastructure as community populations grow.

The department of Indigenous Services Canada has invited Luminary to commence a Dialogue series in 2022 on select challenges and opportunities in First Nations

housing and infrastructure. Luminary offers an opportunity to solicit perspectives, frame issues, and identify opportunities for policy and program action. Papers will be advanced on selected themes and co-design dialogues will be facilitated to explore novel approaches to legislative, policy, and program innovations that inform on the complex socio-economic and wellbeing issues underlying First Nations’ housing and infrastructure. Luminary will bring together perspectives from post-secondary, business, governmental and non-governmental organizations to encourage full explorations of themes such as First Nation housing finance, policy, and institutional innovations.

This is an opportunity for First Nations’ organizations to present and share their work and advance new policy and program innovations to government.

Click here to download more information (in PDF format). 

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