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Invitation to Indigenous Masters and PhD Students to Join Our Sharing Circles
Engagement levels and career pathways of graduate and doctoral students conducting research with Indigenous peoples

Click here to download a copy of the Creating a National Network of Indigenous Graduate Students

As one of Luminary’s eight program priorities we have launched two studies to explore the career paths and training experiences of Indigenous Masters and PhD students. We are working with University of Regina and Toronto Metropolitan University on two different but related studies. In both cases we are organizing Sharing Circles to bring together students in a facilitated session to share experiences and offer insights into their post-secondary experiences.

We are interested in the Indigenous research and innovation ecosystem and how we can work with communities to grow their research interests and grow research projects that can lead to new commercial innovations that build economies, grow jobs, businesses, and wellbeing. The students today are tomorrow’s research scientists who will be working in Canada’s post-secondary research institutions. What ideas do students have to change the future so that there are full opportunities to advance research collaborations which benefit community priorities. How will the training and experiences that student researchers gain through their programs and professional development enhance Indigenous research collaborations and innovation in the future.

We invite Indigenous students who are currently enrolled or recently completed Masters and PhD students to join a Sharing Circle we have organized with University of Regina and Toronto Metropolitan University. The sharing circles with both universities will be organized along similar themes and will explore career paths, student learning programs, institutional supports and community/research institutions’ collaborations in research and innovation.

Click here for information about Sharing Circles organized with the University of Regina.

Click here for information about Sharing Circles organized with Toronto Metropolitan University.

Pleae note that you do not have to be studying at the University of Regina or at Toronto Metropolitan University to participate. Please email our project coordinator, Micheline Bélanger at to indicate your interest in participating in a Sharing Circle.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.

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