News Releases

October 2017

New Research Reveals Large Partnership Gaps Between Corporate Canada And Indigenous Communities

November 2016

We have changed our name to Indigenous Works (formally the Aboriginal Human Resource Council)

May 2015
Aboriginal Human Resource Council receives "Outstanding Partner Award" (2015) by Colleges & Institutes Canada

Announcing Winners: Inaugural Workplace Inclusion Leadership Awards '15

November 2015
Wab Kinew Appointed to Kocihta's Board of Directors (January 2015)

July 2014
Government of Canada invests in job market information to help increase Aboriginal participation in the Canadian workforce

June 2013
Kocihta Charity to Launch

June 2013
Partnering with Scotiabank to Advance Aboriginal Retention Practices

June 2012
TRC Collaborates with IBM and Aboriginal Human Resource Council

Scotiabank partners with the Aboriginal Human Resource Council to advance Aboriginal retention within Canadian companies

April 2011
25 New Employers Take Leadership Role to Advance Aboriginal Inclusion

New Aboriginal Procurement Program Provides Opportunity for Businesses to Build Valuable Partnerships

April 2010
Green energy generating new opportunity for Aboriginal communities

February 2010
35 Companies Sign-up to the Leadership Circle

March 2009
Inuit Employment Forum Designed to Prepare Territory for Economic Growth

June 2008
Canadian apprenticeship and Aboriginal human resource leaders reveal national Aboriginal trades framework

April 2008
Aboriginal Participation in Canada’s Workforce Increases

March 2008
Saskatchewan Employers Look for Help to Recruit and Retain an Aboriginal Workforce

March 2008
Sell Out Forum Connects Saskatchewan Employers to the Aboriginal Workforce

January 2008
Census Confirms Aboriginal People are a Solution to Skilled Worker Shortage

October 2007
Employers Meet with Aboriginal Community to Solve Manitoba’s Imminent Skills Shortage

June 2007
National Aboriginal Council Announces New Name and Website to Advance the Aboriginal Workforce

May 30, 2007
Landmark Forum: Quebec’s Labour Market Anxious to Tap Into Aboriginal Workforce Solution

May 2007
An Aboriginal Solution to New Brunswick’s Imminent Skills Shortage

April 2007
Proof of Concept for Advancing an Aboriginal Workforce Delivered at First National Conference

January 2007
Diversity Leaders Call for Business Investment and Hope for Increased Aboriginal Employment in 2007

November 2006
Aboriginal Solution to Atlantic Canada’s Skilled Trade, Apprenticeship and Technology Labour Shortage

October 2006
An Aboriginal Solutions to Alberta’s Worker Shortage

June 2006
Private Sector and Aboriginal Community Meet to Resolve Nova Scotia’s Skilled Worker Shortage

June 2006
Private Sector and Aboriginal Community Meet to Resolve Labrador’s Skilled Worker Shortage

May 2006
Private Sector and Aboriginal Community Meet to Resolve BC’s Skilled Worker Shortage

April 2006
National Forum Series Launched to Help Employers Tap into Aboriginal Workforce Talent and Address Canada’s Shortage of Skilled Workers

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