CCDI-IW Partnership

The NEW Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and Indigenous Works CCDI-IW Partnership Launched in 2021 In late 2021, we announced IW’s partnership with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) and CCDI Consulting Inc. CCDI has been promoting and encouraging its members to join IW’s Leadership Circle for Indigenous Inclusion Membership and we are encouraging our LC to explore the benefits of an “Employer Partnership with CCDI. The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion is a forward-looking social organization whose mission is “to help those we work with be inclusive, free of prejudice and discrimination – and to generate the awareness, dialogue and action for people to recognize diversity as an asset and not an obstacle”. CCDI was created by the corporate world and public institutions with a shared goal of helping employers celebrate diversity and difference with a model that blends social impact and proven business tactics for inclusive work environments that mobilize the potential of individuals – and of teams. CCDI Consulting focuses on delivering consulting and training solutions. As we know, Indigenous Inclusion and Reconciliation work hand in hand with a company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. The partnership between CCDI and Indigenous Works brings more focus on the “I – Indigenous” in the inclusion equation. By combining resources and research, we are bringing our members new models, training solutions and the NEW DreamMakers SUMMIT.

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