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Indigenous Works (formerly the Aboriginal Human Resource Council) was established in 1998 as a not for profit organization with a mandate ‘to increase the engagement of Indigenous people in the Canadian economy’. Under the leadership of its Board of Directors, Indigenous Works has spent the last 20+ years learning about the complex landscape which characterizes the working relationships between Indigenous organizations and corporate Canada. Indigenous Works has been ISO certified since 2010, one of only a few Indigenous organizations in Canada to have that accreditation. Indigenous Works has a reputation for quality work.

‘Navigating Indigenous Employment’, our new on-line systems-based program will help small, medium, and large companies, educational institutions and public organizations achieve increased Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion. This product and service offer is built in modules so that employers can jump in and out of the program according to your own pace and needs. It is intended for companies and organizations that want to grow their Indigenous employment numbers. Federally regulated companies will find this program to be especially useful to fulfill on Employment Equity Legislation.


Indigenous Works’ Navigating Indigenous Employment program consists of 15 modules.  Employers can access and implement any or all these building block systems modules depending on your company’s needs.  

The prices listed in this catalogue are already discounted by 10%-35% to reflect your membership benefit in our Leadership Circle for Indigenous Inclusion. If you are not a member please ask about our pricing.

  1. Defining Your Baseline Measurements
  2. An Indigenous Labour Market Ecosystem: Our Model & Research Platform
  3. Prioritizing Indigenous Employment and Workplace Inclusion Goals
  4. Building Your Indigenous Talent Pipeline
  5. Your Indigenous Employment Brand and a Talent Attraction Strategy
  6. Workplace Inclusion Design
  7. Developing Cultural Competencies
  8. Growing Indigenous Employment Partnerships
  9. Customizing Your Recruitment Strategies for Indigenous Audiences
  10. Achieving Indigenous Economic Reconciliation
  11. Indigenous Advancement and Retention
  12. Innovating Indigenous Employment and Inclusion Policies
  13. Communicating Your Indigenous Employment and Workplace Strategies
  14. Roles and Support for Your Leadership and Senior Management
  15. Managing Your Company’s Reporting and Accountability Needs

Navigating Indigenous Employment – Program and Service Offer


There are six pillars on which the Navigating Indigenous Employment Program has been founded.

Reciprocal Values: Indigenous Works takes a values-based approach to its work on Indigenous employment. It takes the view that companies need to better understand Indigenous culture, history, and worldview. Indigenous people and organizations can also benefit from a stronger understanding of corporate realities. Our program underscores the need for respect and reciprocity.

Systems Process Thinking: Our program is rooted in systems thinking. It conceives of Indigenous employment efforts in the context of an Indigenous labour market ecosystem. Parts of the whole are inter-related and dependent on one another. Indigenous Works also looks at corporations in the same way. Corporate structures and functions are clearly defined, and the adoption of uniform operational systems enable company efficiency and performance. Systems-thinking in Indigenous employment matters is best achieved in the context of enterprise-wide strategies that are designed to grow Indigenous strategies across the company.

Two-Eyed Seeing: The strategies and best practices used in the Navigating Indigenous Employment’ Program originate from Indigenous Works’ client work with hundreds of medium and large companies and organizations that we have helped surmount Indigenous employment issues and challenges. Indigenous Works has also worked with many Indigenous organizations. Our purview is that of a bridge, with one foot in the corporate world and one foot in the Indigenous world. Our ability to translate meaning between these worlds is a large part of the success of our program. Indigenous Works’ program philosophy is guided by ‘Two-Eyed Seeing’ which entails an appreciation and respect for Indigenous and corporate world views.[1]

A Complex Landscape: Indigenous Works acknowledges that Indigenous employment is a challenging subject matter for companies, educational institutions and public organizations. We hear this all the time. We also know from employment statistics such as those from the Government of Canada’s employment equity programs that indicate that companies in many sectors have plateaued on their Indigenous employment efforts over the last decade. Companies need assistance to navigate this complex employment landscape. Our program gives you the tools and information to do just that.

Truth and Reconciliation: Indigenous Works sees tremendous value in the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which challenged the institutions which make up this country to each play a role to redress the impacts of residential schools in Canada. Call to Action # 92 is focused on the role of businesses in Canada to employ Indigenous Canadians, educate its employees about Indigenous culture and history, and to accept fundamental principles such as the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) which establishes ‘a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of the Indigenous peoples of the world and it elaborates on existing human rights standards and fundamental freedoms as they apply to the specific situation of indigenous peoples.’ Similarly, educational institutions, NGOs and and Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal governments  are responding to the TRC calls to action.

Accessibility - On-line Delivery:

Our Navigating Indigenous Employment is delivered to you on-line. We work with you and your team entirely through phone and web-based conferencing using visual aides, video, and web presentations. That means effective product/service delivery and no travel means less cost. This mode of delivery is not new for Indigenous Works. It’s the way we always work. On-line delivery is an efficient and effective way to deliver our Indigenous employment services to your company.

[1] Reference our paper on this subject (Coulbourne and al), 2019.

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