Foundations and Baseline

1.Defining Your Baseline Measurements

What is Your Position on the Inclusion Continuum?

Indigenous Works will do a baseline with your company to determine your ‘position’ on the Inclusion Continuum. It’s a way of benchmarking your progress and efforts to build an inclusive workplace and strategies for Indigenous employment.

Indigenous Works will give you a report at the end of your baseline exercise ‘Your Position on the Inclusion Continuum’. We will also offer recommendations to enhance your organizational and cultural competencies, employment strategies, and positioning. The baseline is a way for us to better understand your needs so that we can assist you further as our relationship develops.

Members $6,375.00 + GST

Non-Members $7,500.00 + GST

2.Mapping Your Indigenous Labour Market Ecosystem

The Indigenous labour market functions like an ecosystem with Indigenous job and career candidates seeking employment while employers are trying to source and hire the best talent. Circling the candidates and the companies are an array of organizations that play a variety of roles as funders, as specialists in career planning, talent sourcing, skills upgrading, cultural awareness training, and many other kinds of niche products and services in Indigenous employment and human resources. Your understanding and mastery of the Indigenous labour market ecosystem is essential to your success in Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion. We can help you map your ecosystem in the areas where you operate and this will identify groups and organizations with whom you can partner, leverage, and learn from as you develop and implement your own Indigenous strategies, practices, and systems.  


Indigenous Works offers a Resource Guide which elaborates on the Indigenous Labour Market Ecosystem and explains more about the different organizations and their interdependencies. Our Guide lists the services and products which can be useful to you as you look to experts and assistance for your Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion efforts.

Price for your Guide - $2,500

3.Prioritizing Indigenous Employment and Workplace Inclusion Goals

Indigenous Works can help your company establish realistic Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion goals. There are complexities to goal setting. You may lack general information about what constitutes a representative figure for Indigenous employment at you company. There are several different approaches to setting this target. Your company may also want to set goals for reconciliation, for corporate social responsibility, or for Indigenous procurement. All of these Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion goals require different approaches and metrics. We offer a complete Guide to setting these goals and to setting a Directional Framework for your company. This is something that can be used with your executive or leadership team. Our Guide gives you the information and benchmarks you need to set your Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion goals.

Price of your Guide - $3,000

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