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Attraction and Talent Pipe line

4.Building Your Indigenous Talent Pipeline

When we meet companies for the first time, we often hear the observation that Indigenous talent is hard to locate. Companies tell us that they don’t know where to look. How do you build your talent pipeline? We have 10 strategies that we know of that will enable your company to identify the hidden Indigenous talent pool. This unique program provides you with 10 successful strategies that will help you locate the Indigenous talent you need for your company.

Price $3000 - ‘How to Build Your Indigenous Talent Pipeline’.

5.Your Indigenous Employment Brand

Your company may have a clear employment brand for general audiences, but this may not resonate with Indigenous audiences. Lack of an Indigenous employment brand is a missed opportunity to educate Indigenous people about your company and to further position you as a workplace of choice with Indigenous people. Indigenous Works can help you articulate your brand and attract the Indigenous talent you are seeking.

What is your Indigenous employment brand and what are its main messages? What is your company seeking to convey to both internal and external audiences? What are the differentiating factors which make your company especially attractive to Indigenous job and career candidates? What is it about your company’s mission which creates interest and excitement with Indigenous people? What are the values that your company holds and how do they align with Indigenous community values? Why would a talented Indigenous person choose a career with your company over other competitors within your sector? These are just a few of the questions which inform on your Indigenous employment brand. Indigenous Works can help you to define that brand. We use research and we interview Indigenous people who know your company and can offer opinions and advice on these matters.

  • In addition to other research, Indigenous Works will interview 5 of your closest Indigenous partners, stakeholders, or clients to ask them what they believe your company should be seeking to design by way of core brand messages. We believe these third-party inquiries will yield impartial and highly revealing insights.
  • What is the current state of your company’s Indigenous brand? What does your company need to say, do, and evidence by way of a desirable brand?
  • We will develop a report containing our findings and recommendations.
  • We will develop a brand narrative that distills down the key messaging underlying your Indigenous employment brand

Research and Report - $7,500

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