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Cultural Safety and Competency

6.Workplace Inclusion Design

There are two modules in this section.

6.1 Cultural Inclusion Inventory

Indigenous Works will conduct a ‘cultural inclusion inventory’ of what and how your company currently recognizes and honours Indigenous culture and heritage in your workplace. Some examples of cultural inventory are these. Your company may do smudging or invite other forms of Indigenous ceremony into its meetings or gatherings, at times. It may have pieces of Indigenous artwork in various locations. Staff or managers may attend pow wows or other celebrations at times. You may provide donations or gifts in kind through your corporate social responsibility programs to Indigenous communities and you do things as a company which are socially responsible and responsive to Indigenous community needs. Your company may hold cultural awareness activities, or you may conduct outreach activities on June 21 which is National Indigenous Peoples Day.

These workplace practices will be captured in a new cultural inclusion inventory. Your company probably does not keep a record of the multiple ways that it is recognizing and honouring Indigenous culture and heritage and therefore, no way of knowing how to improve upon your set of cultural practices. We will interview your employees, compile your inventory, and make recommendations about the ways your company could add to the list or make the practices you currently do, more uniform. Your ability to further embed existing and new cultural practices is part of defining your Indigenous workplace inclusion design.

Cultural Inclusion Inventory + Recommendations - $7,500

6.2 Indigenous Workplace Inclusion Standards and Criteria Setting

Your company recognizes that the term ‘workplace inclusion’ means different things to different people. Looking at inclusion from an Indigenous lens implies that there are incremental attributes to a workplace which employees would agree is an Indigenous inclusive workplace. Your company may not have adopted a definition of what it means to have cultivated an Indigenous inclusive workplace. You may not yet have developed the standards and criteria by which your company or its employees can make that assessment.

You and your employees will want to bring some focus to this journey by better understanding what the end goal is for workplace inclusion design. Otherwise, how will you know how close you are to attaining that goal? This module creates the metrics by which you can assess your progress.

As part of this module, Indigenous Works will facilitate a thought-leadership workshop circle to discuss your company’s personal descriptors and metrics on Indigenous workplace inclusion. Through the circle Indigenous Works will also introduce new concepts, standards, and criteria so that your company can narrow or expand its definition and criteria as you see fit. Indigenous Works will produce a statement about what ‘Indigenous workplace inclusion’ looks like from your company’s and its Indigenous employees’ perspectives. The value of this initiative is to bring greater precision and cohesion to the terminology that your company is using to talk about and measure its state of Indigenous workplace inclusion. These definitions and standards will be highly instrumental in understanding Indigenous retention issues as well as further informing on your company’s Indigenous employment brand.

Facilitated workshop and Report on Your Company’s Indigenous Workplace Inclusion Standards and Criteria - $6750

7.Delivering Cultural Competencies

In this module there are two ways we can assist you and your company.

7.1Cultural Awareness Training

Indigenous Works has a wide experience on developing customized on-line cultural awareness training. We will be pleased to meet with you to discuss the training needs you envisage for your organization. Once we have done this needs assessment we can develop a more accurate proposal for you.

7.2 Tip Sheets

Your company needs customized Indigenous resource learning materials. Here is a list of our current tip sheets which can be provided to your recruiters or other members of your staff. They are provided in pdf format. You can edit or customize them. You can distribute them to as many people as you wish within your company. They can be branded with your logo and other company identifiers at no additional charge.

  • Doing an interview with an Indigenous candidate – Do’s and Don’ts ~ $1,500
  • Supervising an Indigenous employee – What you need to know ~ $ 2,000
  • How unconscious bias may be influencing your candidates’ selection ~ $1,750
  • History and its influence and impact on Indigenous workplace behaviours ~ $1,500
  • Racism and Workplace Inequities ~ $ 1,500
  • Questions Indigenous candidates may have about your company and your workplace ~ $1750
  • General socio-economic demographics about Indigenous people in Canada ~ $2200
  • On-boarding Indigenous employees ~ $1,500
  • Why Indigenous People quit their job: elements of Indigenous retention ~ $2,000

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