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12.Innovating Indigenous Employment and Inclusion Policies

Is your company’s goal to increase its Indigenous employment numbers? Perhaps you are a federally regulated company, or your offices are in or near areas with high Indigenous demographics. The adoption of a dedicated Indigenous inclusion or employment policy signals heightened importance of this goal throughout the company. What should the policy say? Indigenous Works completed research in 2018 and it identified 22 Indigenous-specific policy types in use across corporate Canada which broadly fall under the umbrella of Indigenous ‘inclusion policies.[1]

The adoption of an Indigenous inclusion policy offers an important way your company to convey that it has reached a level of maturity in your Indigenous engagements or relations. Ideally, the policy should signify that your company has successfully integrated Indigenous inclusion principles into your core mission and business plan. This gives credibility and reputational value. At the same time, it also defines some important commitments and accountabilities. A further benefit, the adoption of a policy is also a way for your company to achieve the internal coordination needed (e.g. people, resource allocation) to achieve inclusion and employment goals.

A significant part of your Indigenous employment efforts depends on many managers and employees doing and coordinating the small systems steps needed to achieve incremental outcomes. Policy development and leadership can play an important role by helping to shape the culture and articulate what the expectations are respecting Indigenous employment. Monitoring and measuring the employment efforts among managers across your company will help to streamline and track the recruitment processes. An Indigenous Employment or Indigenous Relations Policy gives your efforts the authority and priority you need to carry through. It embeds your efforts in important ways into the fabric of your company culture and your corporate plan.

Indigenous Works has a disciplined approach to Indigenous policy development. We can work with you every step of the way to help you develop your policy idea and carry it to final presentation to your leadership.

Indigenous Policy Development - $15,000

Policy Development Resource Booklet also available at - $1,000

This is a Comprehensive ‘How-to’ Booklet for developing Indigenous Policies. The only one like it in Canada.

 13.Guide to Communicating Your Indigenous Employment and Workplace Strategies

Indigenous Works knows that it is important that your company effectively communicates your Employment Equity or Indigenous Employment Strategies. Indigenous Works will develop an internal and external communications plan for your company that will enable you to effectively socialize and communicate your Indigenous employment and workplace strategy. The Guide provides best practices on your communications needs with different audiences including general employee populations, regional staff, executive and leadership, Indigenous employees, suppliers, clients, and shareholders.

Communications Best Practices Guides - $3,500

We can also provide you with a proposal/pricing to develop a comprehensive communications Plan for your company to communicate its Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion policies, strategies, and practices.

Customized Communications Plan – Ask for a Proposal and Price Estimate Following a one-hour consultation session.

14.Roles and Support for Your Leadership and Senior Management

In this module there are two ways we can assist you and your company.

14.1 Executive and Senior Management Briefings

14.2 Supporting Your Executives and Senior Management’s Roles: Toward the Successful Development and Implementation of Your Indigenous Employment and Inclusion Strategies

14.1 Executive and Senior Management Briefing – Indigenous Employment Issues and Opportunities: The Indigenous Landscape

Indigenous Works’ experience is that it is crucial that your senior management and leadership develop an understanding of the importance of building relationships and working with Indigenous people in the Canadian marketplace. Leadership needs to understand the broad strokes of the Indigenous landscape and its potential significance to your company’s business growth.

Companies tell Indigenous Works that Indigenous employment is challenging. It is important that your senior leadership and management understands that successful Indigenous employment is very much a journey that your company is choosing to make in areas of inclusion and reconciliation. Adopting a longer-term success arc is contingent upon senior company leadership and management understanding their roles in helping to support, position, and communicate this journey and strategy, both internally and externally.

Senior leadership staff have busy schedules, but we find that sessions of 1 1/2 to 2 hours can provide ample opportunity for a thorough briefing, questions, and discussion. Our President and CEO or one of our other senior staff will be pleased to conduct intensive briefings of this nature.

Our billing rate is about $1500 a day and we will charge a 3-day fee to preplan and script this important briefing with you, customize the presentation materials, deliver the briefing and do a post-brief meeting.[2] This briefing session will make use of our conference platform to bring in senior leaders from various locations, as needed.

In this briefing, leaders and senior managers will not only gain an appreciation of the Indigenous employment landscape, they are also alerted to the unique roles that they need to play to support your company’s Indigenous engagements and your Indigenous employment and inclusion strategies. Leadership buy-in on your Indigenous employment and workplace strategy is vital. They need to understand that this is about a company journey and that success will not achieved overnight. Process steps are mapped out in the briefing which will provide a tool for senior leadership to gauge success, monitor, and support a complex strategy.

Briefing Preparation, Delivery and Post-delivery session - $4,250

14.2 Guide to Support Your Senior Leadership’s Roles Toward the Successful Implementation of Your Indigenous Employment and Workplace Inclusion Strategies

Your company’s senior leadership needs to play at least six distinct roles to support your Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion strategies. How are you preparing your leadership for these roles?

  1. Champion and advocate for Your Indigenous Employment and Workplace Inclusion Strategies.
  2. Resource your company’s Indigenous Employment and Workplace inclusion Strategies;
  3. Put into place Interdepartmental, inter-company coordination of strategy implementations;
  4. Implement an Accountability Framework for Your Strategies;
  5. Represent Your Company at Indigenous events;
  6. Help communicate what your company is doing.

Best Practices Guide for Senior Leadership - $3,000

15.Managing Your Company’s Reporting and Accountability Needs

he development and adoption of a comprehensive accountability system generally ensures that what a company wants to get accomplished, gets done.  It is important in any accountability system that roles and responsibilities are clearly delineated; methods are put in place to measure progress towards meeting goals; there are systems in place to report on this progress; and incentives are applied to facilitate these efforts and to reward achievement.

Accountability takes many forms. If you are a public company, you are accountable to your shareholders. Senior leadership is responsible to the Board of Directors to put into place the appropriate strategies and to recommend policies or policy enhancements when they are needed. Companies are accountable to the public as well. On matters pertaining to Indigenous employment your company may be accountable to bodies such as the Canadian Human Rights Commission or to Employment and Social Development’s Labour Program to ensure that you have in place an (Indigenous) Employment Equity Plan. There are many dimensions to the theme of accountability and how your company should address it.

Leadership will put into place a stronger responsibility and accountability framework towards meeting your Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion goals. Leadership will ensure that employment efforts toward Indigenous employment are effectively communicated. Systems will be developed for data gathering for aggregation and analysis at the corporate level.

Your company needs a comprehensive accountability framework. Indigenous Works offers a Handbook on the subject of Accountability and your Indigenous Employment and workplace inclusion policies and strategies.

Handbook - $4,500

[1] Indigenous Works – Indigenous Policies 2018

[2] Travel and accommodations will be charged at cost.

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