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Program | Evaluation

Kocihta delivers a unique online Indigenous eMentoring program that provides Indigenous youth with opportunities to connect with mentors that work within the career they want to explore or pursue. In 2014 regional pilots were operated in the Oskayak High School (SK) and Simon Fraser University (BC). 

During the pilot we discovered that the eMentoring program platform that we implement will need to be more robust and include new parameters and online Indigenous curriculum that will better meet the needs of our mentors and Indigenous youth mentees.  As a result, we are currently working to develop a new program with a new online platform.

We have teamed up with the Social Research Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) to build an enhanced eMentoring program with an effective evaluation framework that will determine its benefit to help Indigenous youth stay in school and reach their career potential.

Call for Funders | Donate

Kocihta and SRDC are currently looking for funds to deliver Kocihta eMentoring to 1000+ Indigenous youth in schools across Canada. To learn how you or your business/foundation can get involved in opportunities to fund the program, please contact.us to discuss customizing a donation platform that will meet your needs.

For a $100 donation, you can help Indigenous youth stay in school and reach their career potential.  

Call for Mentors

A call for mentors will be issued later this year. Please send us an email to express your interest in receiving the "call for mentors" notice.  

Kocihta Leadership Skill Build

Working with the Indigenous Works (formerly, Aboriginal Human Resource Council) and its highly successful annual Inclusion Works national recruitment and learning event, Kocihta offers up to 75 recent Indigenous post-secondary graduates (within past five years) from across Canada with a four-day leadership program that helps them develop the soft skills and experiences they need to become successful when searching for work, and entering the workforce. 

Kocihta acquired the successful leadership skill build component of Inclusion Works (est. 2009) when Indigenous Works became focused on serving the needs of employers through its social enterprise model.

As part of the Kocihta Leadership Skill Build Indigenous youth receive coaching and development in leadership skills, job search/resume/interview techniques, job offer/on-boarding skills, high level employer networking experience, peer/employer support, connections to careers within their field of study, and management learning through workshops and keynote thought leader sessions.

Inclusion Works also hosts representatives from major corporations from across Canada that work for employers-of-choice. In additional to Kocihta's programming, Indigenous candidates receive opportunities to be interviewed by Indigenous Works Leadership Circle member companies in the Inclusion Works recruitment fair.

See testimonials to better understand the Indigenous youth experience.

Disabilities Research

There is a disturbing reality about the growing disparity gap in services and support systems for Indigenous youth with disabilities/special needs in Canada as the issue relates to career development and social inclusion.

In a 2006 study commissioned by the National Association of Friendship Centres, it was revealed that the disability rate of Indigenous Peoples in Canada was 32 per cent -- twice the national average. This is an area that is not well understood or documented, and often addressed in fragmented strategies. 

At Inclusion Works '16 (November 2016) we assembled Canadian thought leaders/experts in Indigenous disabilities to advance knowledge and action that will better support Indigenous youth with disabilities/special needs (Ages 35 and under) to reach their human resource and career potential.

Career & Life Satisfaction for Indigenous Youth with Disabilities

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