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Empowering Tomorrow's Youngest & Fastest Growing Workforce is Smart Business!

The financial support of individuals, companies, and foundations is needed to break the cycle of poverty for Canada's disadvantaged Indigenous youth across. Your support will help Indigenous youth, including youth with disabilities/special needs, stay in school and reach their career potential. 

Ways to Help

  • Donate online
  • Foundation Grants
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Corporate | Individual Fundraising
  • In-Kind Support

You can support choose to align your support to a specific Kocihta program or initiative or work with us to determine how we can customize a gifting platform that will fit with you or your organization's donation strategies.

Contact us to learn how you can best align your support or CSR initiatives to advance your business case for Indigenous workplace inclusion to the work of Kocihta. Charitable receipts are available for all financial donations as per the Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines. Read  Kocihta Tax Receipt Guidelines.

 Why Support Kocihta? 



We will work with you to develop a campaign that will complement your individual or organizational charitable portfolio. The campaign can be customized to target support for Indigenous youth on a local, regional or national level. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize a platform to meet your needs.

Become an eMentor

A call for mentors will be issued later this year. Please send us an email expressing your interest to receive the "call for mentor" notice.  Thank you!  

Volunteer Duties will Include:

  • Completing a screening application.
  • Attending a mentoring training webinar.
  • Connecting online with a mentee that wants to explore a career path that is similar to your own.
  • Providing information, advice and inspiration to the mentee that will help him or her engage in school and a rewarding career path.


Kocihta delivers a unique online Indigenous eMentoring program that provides Indigenous youth with opportunities to connect with professional mentors that work within the career they want to explore or pursue.  In 2014 regional pilots were operated in the Oskayak High School (SK) and Simon Fraser University (BC). 

During the pilot we discovered that the eMentoring program platform we will need must be more robust to include new parameters and online Indigenous curriculum that will better meet the needs of our mentors and Indigenous youth mentees. As a result, we are currently developing a new program with a new online platform.

We have teamed up with the Social Research Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) to build an effective evaluation framework for the program that will determine its benefit to help Indigenous youth stay in school and reach their career potential.

Become a Mentor (Kocihta Leadership Skill Build)

In 2016 we once again recruited past Inclusion Works career candidates to volunteer their time and expertise to support new candidates at the Kocihta Leadership Skill Build | National Aboriginal Recruitment Fair @ Inclusion Works.  

Volunteer duties included:

  • Participation in the pre-event Kocihta mentorship committee
  • Career candidate mentorship as part of the Kocihta Leadership Skill Build
  • Opportunity to help deliver content at the Kocihta Leadership Skill Build (not mandatory)
  • General event support (Inclusion Works ’15 | National Indigenous Recruitment Fair)

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