Programs & Initiatives Under Development

My Way

We believe that people should follow their inner wisdom. We will invite Indigenous youth to tell us what they need to stay in school or pursue their career path. Through a partnership agreement with the Indigenous youth, that outlines their accountability to report on their success, we will provide financial assistance to help students with education and skills development costs that actualize their dream job (i.e., school tools, tuition, transportation or lodging).

National Awareness

We are looking for partners to support a national dialogue that will shine a spotlight on the potential of Canada's fastest growing, youngest, and most underleveraged human resource asset (Indigenous youth). The campaign will shift perceptions of Indigenous youth and bring much needed funding to Kocihta's programming to help Indigneous youth overcome their barriers to stay in school, advance their leadership skills, plan a career path, and get connected to workplace opportunities within their career-of-choice.

Contact us to learn how you can help mobilize a strong and healthy Indigenous workforce.

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