Benchmarking: Partnership


Indigenous Works has been developing the research foundations and network needed to advance its future work on partnership benchmarking.  Our seven-stage partnership model is divided into stages such as pre-engagement, relationship building, engagement and partnership formation.  Each successive stage requires that companies or organizations develop the competencies as well as the strategies and practices needed to be successful.  The attainment of those competencies as well as a mastery of the appropriate strategies and practices is what we will benchmark.

Our new benchmarking model offers a way to accelerate Indigenous/non-Indigenous employment, business and social development partnerships.  Indigenous organizations are looking for companies where their job seekers, suppliers and contractors can succeed.  Companies that have benchmarked their strategies are better able to offer those assurances.  Benchmarking offers a way for companies to demonstrate that they have achieved critical standards in Indigenous inclusion, employment, procurement, etc.

Benchmarking is a way for non-Indigenous companies to gain the assurances needed that Indigenous businesses and organizations have developed the competencies needed to be able to partner with them as well.

Benchmarking offers a way to drive standards in partnership excellence and provides a learning tool for Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses and organizations.

For more information about Indigenous Works' Partnership Benchmarking Program, contact Craig Hall at 902.665.2257 or by email to

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