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Creating Partnership Intersections

A New Strategy:

Indigenous Works has carved out a strategy to respond to these challenges and opportunities.  Its strategy 'Creating Partnership Intersections' seeks to remedy the issues identified in the partnership report and improve the partnership index score.

There are 3 components to the strategy:

  1. employer awareness and engagement facilitation is needed in disengaged sectors
  2. imore awareness and learning strategies to improve partnership and recruitment strategies and employer workplace inclusion
  3. benchmarking to improve companies' and Indigenous organizations' strategies to work together to increase Indigenous employment, business and social development.

Throughout 2018, Indigenous Works will be hosting roundtables and forums to engage and intersect with our strategy.  The purpose of roundtables and forums is to build support for a comprehensive collaborative strategy that will identify roles for different groups and bring together resources and efforts to increase the Indigenous/non-Indigenous partnerships in the coming years.

This collaborative approach will identify roles from many different public, private and Indigenous organizations to work together in ways that address the issues identified in Indigenous Works' research.  Please click on this link to Join Us and receive updates, invitations and information on the roundtables and forums in 2018.

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