What does the Partnership Research tell us

Indigenous Works' new survey of 511 medium and large businesses concludes that 85% of corporate Canada are ‘disengaged’ and have no credible plans to work with Indigenous people, businesses and organizations.

A new Partnership Index indicates the average engagement score is just

13 out of 100 (13%).

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Summary Report

The findings divide corporate Canada into four broad groups.

The disengaged majority make up 85 percent of those companies surveyed. These are businesses that have not prioritized engagement in any way.
Engagement novices (9 percent) have begun to understand the business case for engagement, but are prone to critical missteps, such as thinking short-term and under-committing resources.
Relationship developers (4 percent) are beginning to appreciate the value of long-term partnerships, and are transitioning their efforts to create more fulsome opportunities.
Finally, committed partners (2 percent) demonstrate capacities to sustain partnerships and create positive outcomes for not only themselves, but also their Indigenous partners.

There are three gaps that need to be addressed which are interfering with Indigenous and non-Indigenous partnership formation.

Partnerships are an important way for Indigenous people to gain full participation in the Canadian economy. Companies can gain access to a large workforce, build business and social opportunities together. That’s the business case for partnerships

In its new three-year, pan-Canadian strategy, Creating Partnership Intersections, Indigenous Works charts a clear course for corporate Canada and Indigenous communities to engage more, and more fully, with one another.

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