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Instructor-led Training - Virtual

Customized Trainings

We will work with you to create an instructor-led training that best suits your needs within the following enterprise-wide systems: leadership, human resources, procurement, marketing/communications, and corporate social responsibility. (Each topic is $4,750.00 + GST for non-LC Member or if a LC Member cost is $4,000 plus GST from 1 up to 2 hours per session)

Training topics can be customized with industry specific data and case studies, and branded to reflect your current or planned training program, and corporate taglines or themes. Examples of training topics include:

1. 101 Introduction to Indigenous History & the Impacts of Colonization
4. Building your Indigenous Attraction & Recruitment Strategy 
2. Indigenous Socio-Economics & Demographics: How to use information to build your Indigenous Recruitment Strategy 
5. The path to Economic Reconciliation: Understanding Residential Schools, The TRC and Inclusion imperative 
3. How Unconscious Bias may be influencing your Indigenous Candidate selection

Career Development Facilitator Training

Join the group of over 1,400 practitioners that have been trained in Guiding Circles Step 1 and Guiding Circles Step 2 career development facilitator training since the program's 2002 inception, in partnership with Ergon Communications. (Please note once Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted) we will resume public workshops and will post them here.  To Purchase Guiding Circles Step 1 & 2 booklets here.

We also offer customized virtual workshop for GC 1 and GC 2 that will advance your career development strategies for Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff, contact us for a quote.


Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion training helps organizations climb our seven-stage Inclusion Continuum to create employes/companies for Indigenous people, businesses and communities.
Take the first step toward becoming a Guiding Circles career development facilitator to inspire and engage your clients to identify a career development process that connects their passions and talents.
Expand on your ability to help your clients perform a self-assessment to explore career alternatives and make effective career decisions.

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