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Leadership Circle Membership

Join IW and an impressive list of corporations and organizations from across Canada that have a collective interest in advancing their business case for Indigenous workplace inclusion through membership in the national Leadership Circle membership program.

Investment in inclusion is important to the advancement of Indigenous participation throughout your organization. Going forward, we will continue to develop and deliver a growing lineup of effective inclusion products and services that will help you climb the Inclusion Continuum and advance business opportunities through the power of an inclusive workplace.

The Leadership Circle has the potential to advance Indigenous participation in Canadian workplaces and provide proof, through your leadership, that inclusion does work. Advancing the participation of Indigenous people in our labour market is good for the Indigenous community, good for your business, and good for our country.

You can check out the following categories to learn more about the value your organization will receive by joining our Leadership Circle membership program. Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives who will help you establish a platform that will best advance your business case for Indigenous workplace inclusion.

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