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Benefits of Joining

Our Leadership Circle program is a successful employer-focused network that brings together Canada’s leading inclusion employers. Our members have the common goal of investing in the advancement of Indigenous economic and social inclusion. 

We offer six levels of investment to choose from in a one-year or multi-year customized membership agreement. 

Your investment provides your organization with the opportunity to purchase unique products and services with Inclusion Reward Credits to assist you in climbing the Inclusion Continuum. Your Leadership Circle member benefits provide: 

  • Products and services to overcome barriers to inclusion 
  • Management training and tools (online/in-company) 
  • Access to a growing supply of qualified Indigenous workers 
  • An enhanced reputation as a socially conscious organization and an equitable employer-of-choice 
  • A network of highly skilled professionals available through a community of practice
“Indigenous Works truly understands the issues and challenges facing the Indigenous community and the business world. With their insights, knowledge and support, Scotiabank is working to create a culture of inclusion which is the heart of our Global Community of Scotiabankers. The Leadership Circle is a great forum to advance Indigenous inclusion.” 
- Anatol von Hahn, Executive Vice President and Group Head, Canadian Banking, Scotiabank

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