Aboriginal Employment, Training, Skill and Labour Market Centres

In Canada, there are 80 Aboriginal Employment, Skills and Training (ASET) agreement holders (aka, Aboriginal Employment, Skills and Training / Labour Market Centres) that host approximately 400 additional satellite delivery locations across Canada. Each centre serves as a direct source to help Aboriginal people with their employment, training and job search requirements.

These employment centres work within and are funded through Employment and Social Development Canada’s, Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS). Hence, the centres are often referred to as ASETS or ASET holders.

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Making Better Use of LMI Information Data to Increase Aboriginal Participation in Major Projects

There are many major development projects planned in Canada in oil, gas, energy, forestry and mining sectors in the next few years.  The Aboriginal Human Resource Council began a labour market research project, supported by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) as part of approved funding under their Sectoral Initiatives Program.  Companies that are developing major projects need to secure the best skilled labour as close to their development sites as possible. Our project takes its cue from recent work and dialogue about the ways that Canadians can make better use of labour market information.

A key outcome of the project is that it will offer practical recommendations about the ways that industry, Aboriginal and educational organizations can better work together to use the occupational forecast data in ways which create more gainful employment for the Aboriginal people living in the 500+ communities who will be impacted by major projects in the coming years.

A Navigation Guide: Major Projects - Aboriginal Partnerships, has been developed by the Council to provide a framework for readiness, development and partnership development. While projects differ in scale, in sector and in other ways, all projects go through a life cycle with a beginning, middle and an end.

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