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Diagnostics Case Study with Civeo

A leading accommodations services provider to remote work-sites, Civeo (formerly PTI Group) - was experiencing challenges with implementing their Indigenous workplace inclusion strategy. They didn’t have a broad view of how their strategies were being implemented or how persistent challenges in Indigenous recruitment and procurement could be surmounted.

A lot of companies may think they’re doing a good job on their Indigenous relations, but until you actually have a diagnostic you really don’t know what kind of little steps or big steps that you need to take... and that’s the value of Indigenous Works Workplace Inclusion System.- Krista Laboucane, Manager, Aboriginal Employment Strategies

The aim of a conducting a diagnostic is to garner balanced, accurate and reflective insights into a company’s standing on the Inclusion Continuum, in five key areas of the workplace: leadership; procurement, human resources, corporate social responsibility, and communications.

Improve Your Strategy with Diagnostics

We have four diagnostic tools to help you gain a broader understanding of your organization's workplace inclusion practices. With the intelligence and data gained from the diagnostic, we can then help you develop improved strategies--needed to achieve full inclusion and to maximize your workplace performance. Here is a sample of some of the investigative questions that will be featured during your diagnostic discovery:

  1. Our Indigenous employees would say that our workplace is respectful of their culture and heritage?

  1. Our company allocates adequate levels of human, financial and other resources to attain the goals in our Indigenous workplace inclusion strategy?
  1. Our company has the tools to effectively communicate our Indigenous inclusion principles to employees?
  1. We know the social/community issues and priorities in the Indigenous communities where we do business?
  1. Our company makes a formal connection between our corporate/business goals and our Indigenous inclusion goals?
  1. Our partnerships with Indigenous peoples will likely be seen as a positive legacy for our company?

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