Why do Indigenous people leave their jobs?

Indigenous unemployment issues in Canada are complex. As part of our mandate, we help human resource practitioners, career counsellors, employers, trainers and members of the Indigneous community facilitate understanding and opportunities to break down barriers to advance an Indigneous labour force in Canada.

We are now testing an Indigenous employee satisfaction survey through our partnership network that will help Canadians better understand how Aboriginal people currently view the workplace with regard to retention and advancement issues. Plans to launch the survey and release its findings are scheduled for 2007/2008.

Following is a summary of unsubstantiated findings that the council has summarized on Indigenous workforce retention issues with regard to training, working environment and management.

Training and Advancement

  • Training is not relevant to the position.
  • Limited course material available.
  • Denied access to training – supervisor deemed it not appropriate to work being performed.
  • Lack of training funds.
  • Training is not a priority.
  • Supervisor was too busy to train.
  • Supervisor was threatened when employees received training so no training was provided.

Work Environment

  • Stress in the workplace due to the unprofessional nature of the organization, and staff.
  • No willingness to maintain a team.
  • Inadequate support systems, development systems, unfair practices.
  • Lack of motivation to advance an Indigenous workforce.
  • Not professional.
  • Racism.
  • Lack of women, especially in management positions.
  • Too many hours and not enough allocated to spend time with family.
  • Office politics.

On Management

  • No rules, structure or follow-up.
  • Problems with the supervisor.
  • Management style incompatible with desirable method to be supervised.
  • Feel like the token Indigneous person.
  • Not able to advocate for Indigenous issues or colleagues.
  • Asked to take a salary cut.
  • Not given proper direction, clarification or support on various projects.
  • Poor management style - lack of one on one support.
  • Inadequate support systems, development systems, unfair practices.

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