Suncor Energy - Jerry Welsh

As a pioneer in Aboriginal recruitment, Suncor is proud of its corporate-wide hiring policy and its empowerment of managers to support and implement that policy.

“The first big step for us was to create a policy that’s consistent across the corporation…that authorizes and compels each portion of the company to establish strategic goals in a number of areas – recruitment, employment and retention,” says Jerry Welsh, Aboriginal relations manager for Suncor.

While past experience has shown that policy is a critical first step, Welsh says that typically “little happens by good will.”

“As a best practice, if you’re going to have a policy to hire Aboriginal people, you need to actually do it…it’s that simple.”

Currently, Suncor has a workforce of 3200, with about 10 per cent or 300 positions filled by Aboriginal workers including Métis and First Nations.

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