Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Syncrude Canada Ltd. is one of Canada’s foremost industrial employers of Aboriginal people, directly employing over 400 Aboriginal people, representing about nine per cent of the company’s employee population. Over the past 14 years, Syncrude has spent more than $1 billion in business volume with Aboriginal suppliers – many of whom were nurtured by Syncrude from the days they were early startups.

“Syncrude’s commitment to community and Aboriginal participation extends to such practices as actively seeking the guidance of Elders on reclamation and preservation of the flora and fauna of the region”, says Barbara Shumsky, Manager of Government and Public Affairs, Syncrude Canada Ltd. “Syncrude has worked closely with the Aboriginal Human Resource Development Council of Canada since its inception in 1998. The council has been an indispensable support to help us improve Aboriginal recruitment and retention strategies as well as improve our relationships with Aboriginal communities.”

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