TransCanada Pipelines - Rob Kendal

A respect for how Aboriginal peoples have traditionally used the land became the starting point for TransCanada Pipelines’ Aboriginal relations program.

“You have to start out by doing your homework about the area you’re in…you have to recognize that there’s a respect for the land and a unique relationship to the land and try to understand that,” says Rob Kendal, TransCanada Pipelines’ Aboriginal relations manager for North America.

By involving elders with land use studies, project implementation and economic opportunities, Aboriginal communities are provided the chance to build capacity, depending on their individual circumstances.

“We support different traditional land use studies – we support different job shadowing, monitoring, and assistance during our information gathering,” says Kendal.

Depending on the work available and community resources, TransCanada Pipelines has also split its work requirements into smaller parcels that allow smaller-capacity contractors to take advantage of economic opportunities.

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