Trinidad Drilling - Donna Hudson

With 350-400 new gas wells being drilled in northern BC alone and a shortage of trained drillers hampering growth, Trinidad Drilling, EnCana and the Métis Nation of British Columbia (MNBC) recently joined forces to train 100 Aboriginal drilling rig technicians over the next three years.

It’s a unique educational training partnership designed to advance the creation of an Aboriginal workforce which may prove to be the much-needed solution that many employers have been seeking.

“As far as recruitment, we were very fortunate being able to link up with the Métis Nation of British Columbia because they do a lot of the front end work for us,” says Donna Hudson, Trinidad Drilling’s manager of international human resources and Aboriginal relations.

“We give them our criteria, what we expect a person coming into the course to be able to do – they’re very, very good at doing the pre-screening for us.”

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