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 May 2009 | Issue # 02 
 President’s Message
“Those who stop dreaming are lost.”
 – Australian Aboriginal Proverb

Recently, I was asked what made Inclusion Works ’09, the council’s new signature event, so special.  I responded that there were 100 answers to that question – each one unique, talented, inspirational and filled with promise – because it was the 100 Aboriginal post-secondary graduates who made this event so special. 
 Words of Thanks

When people come together with a common dream, anything is possible.  With more than 600 delegates including speakers, employers, educators, career counsellors and job-ready Aboriginal post-secondary graduates on hand, April 6-8, 2009, Inclusion Works ’09 saw the stars align to stimulate real change for the Aboriginal workforce.  As the sun shone over Vancouver, this first ever gathering of HR practitioners, along with 100 Aboriginal post-secondary graduates, energized an employment event that put Aboriginal inclusion in a national spotlight.  Read on to hear what participants had to say.  More

New Products and Initiatives
(The New Procurement Guidebook and the Racism Strategy)

In this issue, we take a closer look at the council’s new employer handbook – Introduction to Successful Aboriginal Procurement Strategies for Corporate Canada.  As well, we’ll also examine a new partnership destined to decrease workplace racism and stereotyping as well as encourage employers and Aboriginal workers to make vital connections that increase inclusion and workforce participation. More

My Story: Skylar Sloan

Skylar Sloan, a recently-graduated Aboriginal electrical engineer, went from “I can’t find a job anywhere” to two job offers in two days, thanks to Inclusion Works ’09.  In his own words, Skylar tells his story about an inspiring journey to Vancouver for a once-in-a-lifetime event. More

A Million Acts of Inclusion
(The Facebook Initiative - are you a Twitter?)
The White House has its own YouTube site, the Pentagon has a MySpace page and the council is now on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!  Social networking is fast, fun and instant through micro-blogs such as Twitter and dedicated networks such as Facebook.  Sign up to follow the Inclusion Works conversation
http://twitter.com/inclusionWorks) and start tweeting yourself.  Stay in touch with new friends from the event and let others know how you’re doing today.  Or, use our Facebook page, One-Million-Acts-of-Inclusion, to register your own simple act of inclusion.  More
Program Snapshot: MAI In Mining
Although mining is one of Canada’s most productive industrial sectors, forecasts predicate a serious skills shortage in the next decade.  To address this shortfall, the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) and the Aboriginal Human Resource Council have partnered to create inclusion awareness training that will help employers fill these upcoming voids with talented Aboriginal workers More
Did You Know?
Internationally, Canada’s Aboriginal population, at four per cent, is one of the largest as a ratio of the total population.  Only New Zealand, at 15 per cent, is higher.  Australia and the U.S. are about 2 per cent.  Almost half of Canada’s Aboriginal population (48 per cent) is 24 or younger compared to 31 per cent, the proportion of the general population that is 24 and younger. 
Calendar of Events

Now available  
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion
in-house workshops.
Crystal Kosa

June 9-10, 2009, Yellowknife, NT
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion Workshop

September 22-23, 2009, Calgary, AB Guiding Circles 1 Workshop

Fall 2009, Toronto, ON
Workforce Connex

October 14-15, 2009, Ottawa, ON
Guiding Circles 2 Workshop

October 21-22, 2009, Vancouver, BC Guiding Circles 1 Workshop

November 18-19, 2009, Toronto, ON Guiding Circles 1 Workshop

December 14-15, 2009, Calgary, AB Guiding Circles 2 Workshop

April 27-29, 2010, Toronto, ON
Inclusion Works ‘10

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