ABORIGINAL HR NARRATOR                        Français   Fall 2009 | Issue # 03 
 Presidents Message
Once again, we will be hosting our second annual national signature event, Inclusion Works, April 27-29, 2010, in Toronto and, once again, we will be recognizing our amazing partners that help us delivery our mandate.  However, this year, we’ll be doing that through a new program called the Leadership Circle – a program that offers an improved platform of benefits and recognition through partnership agreements.  More
 From Homeless to Class Valedictorian
Osborne Farrell came from the small Nova Scotia town of Turo, having spent his earliest childhood days on the Bear River Reserve.  After moving to Toronto at a young age and growing up in the “projects,” Farrell eventually became a familiar statistic – a young urban Aboriginal man living on the streets.
Canada’s Best Diversity Employers Competition
Now entering its third year, Canada’s Best Diversity Employers competition recognizes companies across Canada that have implemented exceptional workplace diversity and inclusion programs.  Even amid market uncertainties over the past year, these forward-thinking employers aren’t slowing down their efforts to improve working conditions for employees. More
My Story: Salvador Ferreras, PhD:  Living My Olympic Dream
In a tale of two artists meeting at the crossroads of potential and opportunity, read about Salvador Ferreras’s amazing journey to become the producer/creative director of the 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. More
Bridges to Tomorrow
IBM’s prepares for the next generation of buyers and employees…
IBM Canada has long been considered a leader in supporting the recruitment and advancement of Aboriginal people.  In January 2009, it was awarded gold level certification by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) for its performance and success in building positive relations with Aboriginal people, businesses and communities across Canada.  Read more on what this progressive company is doing for Aboriginal workers.  More
Program Snapshots Guiding Circles
By combining traditional Aboriginal teachings with contemporary career exercises, the Guiding Circles program awakens a participant’s sense of self-esteem through a unique approach that uses storytelling, a discussion of values and other holistic perspectives.  Read more on how this successful career planning tool is being used across the country. More
Sound Bites
How did Canada get its name?  How many Aboriginal groups are there in Canada?  How many Aboriginal businesses?  How much land is owned by Aboriginal Peoples?  Read on to learn the answers, access news and announcements as well as view our selection of bits and bites.  More

Calendar of Events

October 14-15, 2009
Toronto, ON - Sheraton Centre Toronto
Workforce Connex Ontario

Building Aboriginal Training and Employment Partnerships

October 22-23, 2009
Vancouver, BC
Guiding Circles 1 Workshop

Facilitator Training for Guiding Circles 1: Understanding Yourself

November 18-19, 2009
Toronto, ON
Guiding Circles 1 Workshop

Facilitator Training for Guiding Circles 1: Understanding Yourself

November 26-27, 2009
Yellowknife, NWT
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion in Mining Workshop

Professional management training

December 14-15, 2009
Calgary, AB
Guiding Circles 2 Workshop

Facilitator Training for Booklet 2: Finding New Possibilities

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