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 Presidents Message
One of the council’s main strengths is our ability to listen and learn from corporations, allowing their needs to help drive our future programs. We’ve consulted with CEOs, senior leaders and management practitioners across the country and we’ve heard the message that an investment in training, both traditional and online, will bring dividends for both individuals and organizations.  More
 Legacy of Hope: What the Games Mean for Aboriginal Peoples
Tewanee Joseph, executive director and chief executive officer of the Four Host First Nations, the not-for-profit society that will host the 2010 Olympic Games, provides insight into the benefits and opportunities the Games will provide for Aboriginal Peoples. In his own words, he says “we’re no longer dime store Indians in a headdress.” More
My Story: Charles Clarke
Fighting addiction, the loss of his mother and a childhood filled with racism, Charles Clarke threw away his education, jobs, friends and family to live a lifestyle of drug dealer and petty thief. After nearly being killed in a knife fight, Charles connected, for the first time, with his Aboriginal roots and spirituality. Today, he is enrolled in college and working towards a university degree in social work. In Charles’s own words, read about his amazing journey and transformation.  More
Opening the Floodgates: BC Hydro’s Community Outreach Program
Since 2006, BC Hydro has increased its workforce diversity by signing on 81 new Aboriginal employees – which represents a 311 per cent jump from the 26 Aboriginal employees already on board. As the result of wider advertising of job postings and greater outreach to Aboriginal communities, more candidates are eagerly lining up to work at the utility company. More
Circle of Choice: Students Gain Insight with Guiding Circles
When Nova Scotia’s employment opportunities shifted away from resource industries (like fishing and forestry), many maritime residents came to the realization that a college education was quickly becoming the key to long-term success. But, before that education could happen, potential students needed to first make a sound career choice. Today, the Guiding Circles program has not only helped Aboriginal students at the Nova Scotia Community College make better career choices but it may also have found a new role with elders and parents. More
Shaping a Better Economic Future with Aboriginal Procurement
Procurement is playing an increasingly important role as a tool to stimulate employment and encourage economic and business development but are Aboriginal businesses making the most of these opportunities? What can corporate Canada do to build bridges and encourage Aboriginal access to procurement opportunities? Read on to learn about the council’s exciting new workshop. More
Sound Bites
Our Sound Bites section is a diverse and interesting collection of news items, surveys, tools and statistics – in mini form to make for easy reading. In this issue, we highlight the council’s ongoing innovations and use of technology to further its goals and relationships – from web-based learning to a new Facebook page.  More
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Calendar of Events

January 13-14, 2010
Toronto, ON
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion
Professional management training

Feburary 17-18, 2010
Regina, SK
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion
Professional management training

March 2-3, 2010
Vancouver, BC
Guiding Circles 2 Workshop

Facilitator Training for Guiding Circles 2: Finding New Possibilities

March 30-31, 2010
Halifax, NS
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion
Professional management training

April 27-29 2010
Toronto – Westin Harbour Castle
Inclusion Works '10

Inclusion Works '10: Voices of Change

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