ABORIGINAL HR NARRATOR                        Français   Spring 2010 | Issue # 05 
 Presidents Message
In the next decade, as baby boomers continue to retire, the Aboriginal Human Resource Council anticipates that all employers’ will be open and ready to consider skilled candidates from a talented Aboriginal workforce. But, first, there’s a list of hurdles to overcome not unlike the numerous challenges that many Olympic athletes face.  More
 Radio Googoo: Catching Up with Award-Winning Aboriginal Journalist, Maureen Googoo
In 1987, within a few days of starting her summer job at the Micmac News in Sydney, NS, Maureen Googoo knew she wanted to be a reporter. Today, with 22 years experience as a journalist and, now, her own online newscast, Googoo says her stories often reflect the conversations she once had around the kitchen table with her family. The council has been following Googoo’s career path and we celebrate her continued success with this update. More
What are YIPs and How Are They Changing Canada?
Young, Indigenous professionals, otherwise known as YIPs, have discovered the power of education, networks and unity as an amazing force to facilitate change. Read on to see what this new group has planned for the future and how they just might change the social and economic landscape of Canada.  More
My Story: Kathleen Sawdo
Despite enduring cruel names and childhood physical abuse due to her “brown skin” and Indian heritage, Kathleen Sawdo has discovered the “gift” of being Aboriginal. Today, she is a leader, mother, university graduate and the first student to wear a traditional shawl during her convocation at Grant MacEwan University. Read on to learn more about her amazing journey.
Aboriginal Procurement: Council Launches New Workshop
Procurement is playing an increasingly important role as a tool to stimulate employment and encourage economic and business development. Today, many progressive organizations already work with Aboriginal businesses to purchase products and services while others are just starting to consider this vast supply pool. Read on to learn more about the council’s new procurement workshop – coming in spring 2010. More
Sound Bites
Our Sound Bites section is a diverse and interesting collection of news items, surveys, tools and statistics – in mini form to make for easy reading. In this issue, check out our latest collection of “sound bites” to keep up-to-date and inspired.  More

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