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 Presidents Message

What does it take to make inclusion work? As a council, we often hear this question and our answer is always the same – it takes a shift in perspective. A shift in the way non-Indigenous people see Indigenous people will, with time and effort, succeed in creating a stronger Canada that does not allow disparity, racism and exclusion to be part of its landscape. But shift is not a one-way street. Sometimes, shift needs to take place in the hearts of Indigenous people as well.

After decades of poverty, abuse, segregation, lack of education and negative stereotypes, finding a reason to believe, for some, can seem impossible. When the road ahead appears to be daunting, it’s helpful to remember that, together, shift can happen.  More

A National Treasure: The life work of Cree photographer, Fred Cattroll, finds a distinguished new home in the Museum of Civilization.
From photographing a war zone in 1976 to a historic Aboriginal meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, Fred Cattroll has an extraordinary resume – a 35-year career of distinction that, ironically, all began with a paper route. Read on to learn how Cattroll’s photographic talent became a national treasure and why his collections are called a “reflection of Canada.” More
Council to Launch New Online Training: Aboriginal Procurement

The council is pleased to announce that our first online training program is coming this fall – an Introduction to Successful Aboriginal Procurement.

With a registration fee of $695, the new online course is an inexpensive, convenient and comprehensive way to assist mainstream companies to develop systems and practices designed to source products and services from Aboriginal suppliers.

Increasingly, large companies are looking for ways to implement supplier diversity programs. This new online training program is intended for procurement staff or supply chain specialists to help them and their business divisions work more closely with Aboriginal small and medium suppliers.  More

Green Energy Generating New Opportunities for Aboriginal Communities

Aboriginal communities understand the importance of making decisions that sustain creation, Mother Earth and future generations. Earth, air, fire and water are basic sacred elements respected across Aboriginal communities. It is these same elements that comprise a multi-billion dollar “green revolution.” Read on to learn more about how green energy is fueling new opportunities.  More

My Story: Jeremy Belyea

Jeremy Belyea dropped out of high school and took a 22-hour Greyhound bus ride that changed his life. Today, he holds two university degrees, licenses from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and a clinical designation from the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Jeremy also became the first Aboriginal president in the history of his university.  More

Voices of Change: Inclusion Works ‘10
In April, 2010, Inclusion Works ’10 was hosted on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit – a fitting location for an event that was all about change and the ideas capable of driving change. As delegates, speakers and VIPs gathered, the excitement and energy was contagious. Read on to see how the event unfolded. More
Sound Bites
Our Sound Bites section is a diverse and interesting collection of news items, surveys, tools and statistics – in mini form to make for easy reading. In this issue, check out our latest collection of “sound bites” to keep up-to-date and inspired.  More
Calendar of Events

September 30 - October 1, 2010
Montreal, QC
Guiding Circles 1 Workshop
Facilitator Training for Guiding Circles 1: Understanding Yourself

October 5-6, 2010
Halifax, NS
Guiding Circles 1 Workshop
Facilitator Training for Guiding Circles 1: Understanding Yourself

October 19-20, 2010
Winnipeg, MB
Guiding Circles 2 Workshop

Facilitator Training for Guiding Circles 2: Finding New Possibilities

October 28, 2010
Vancouver, BC
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion
Professional management training

November 16, 2010
Toronto, ON
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion
Professional management training

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