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 Presidents Message

Recently, the council attended the Social Venture Institute conference on Cortes Island, BC – an event that offered a practical, problem-solving, alternative style “business school.” It’s a setting where pre-approved participants fine-tune strategies and build long-lasting relationships with peers and mentors. The council attended with the purpose of bringing the issue of Indigenous inclusion forward to a new group of “social entrepreneurs.” Read on to learn how this conference has helped shape the council’s signature event Inclusion WorksMore

Olympic Games Catalyst for Aboriginal Social Change

Although the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games have ended, the legacy of this historic Indigenous partnership continues to promote prosperity, opportunity and advancement – acting as a catalyst for social change with the creation of a new Aboriginal procurement framework. Read on to learn how Indigenous Peoples will benefit from this new initiative.  More

Young Indigenous Professionals Help Prepare Future Workforce.
The goal of the council’s new youth strategy is to make connections that bring employers and Indigenous employees together. Through this connection, new ideas about Indigenous inclusion can be introduced and the needs of the corporate world can be combined with the realities of young Indigenous graduates. That tall task falls to the council’s talented pool of YIPs – Young Indigenous Professionals who are more than ready to take on the job. More
My Story: Lisa Charleyboy

When four-year-old Lisa Charleyboy’s father committed suicide, her mother knew that post-secondary education was her only option to support her family. Years later, Lisa followed a similar educational path and, along the way, discovered an amazing Aboriginal community that provided the support she needed to make it through.  More

Meet the Council: Brian Horvath, National Director of Digital Marketing Strategies

Get to know the people behind the scenes in our new feature, "Meet the Council". Learn about their projects and areas of expertise as we introduce the many faces of the dedicated staff and consultants who assist the council. In this issue, meet Brian Horvath, national director of digital marketing strategies.  More

Ready, Set, Inspire! Montreal to Host Inclusion Works ’11
It’s Canada’s largest national Indigenous inclusion event and recruitment fair and, in the spring of 2011, it’ll be taking place at Le Centre Sheraton, Montreal, QC. Like it predecessor events, Inclusion Works ’11 promises to deliver life-changing dialogue, tangible employment opportunities and a “hire and inspire” attitude that sets the tone for a “don’t miss” event.  More
Calendar of Events

February 1, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Aboriginal Procurement Workshop
Seven-step Aboriginal Procurement Process

March 2, 2011
Toronto, ON
Aboriginal Procurement Workshop
Seven-step Aboriginal Procurement Process

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