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 Presidents Message

Since 1998, our focus hasn’t changed much but we’ve certainly broadened our reach. We’re still connecting employers with employees – the very basic function of human resources – but, today, we’ve stretched and grown our capabilities to include ground-breaking training, expert strategic planning, innovative online tools and resources and, now, we’ve even gone “down under” to help other countries learn from our experience. .  More

Inclusion Works ’11 Recap: Montreal Hosts Canada’s Signature Aboriginal Event

To the delight of attendees, Brett Wilson from CBC’s Dragon’s Den officially kicked off the council’s signature Aboriginal event, Inclusion Works ’11, held this year from May 3-5 in Montreal, QC. Brett’s podium speech was ruthlessly honest and inspirational in its simplicity.  More

Inclusion Leader: PTI Group

Established in 1977 and based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, PTI Group is one of North America’s largest and most respected suppliers of remote work force accommodations and catering services and a proud member of the council’s Leadership Circle. With much of PTI’s Canadian work located in regions on or adjacent to Aboriginal traditional territory, the company has embraced an active approach of creating relationships with various Aboriginal groups and communities. Read on to learn how this approach has made them an inclusion leader.  More

Band of H2O: First Nations Train on Water Treatment Practices
Most Canadians take their tap water for granted. It’s clean, safe, clear and odorless but, on a number of First Nations reserves, the water is dangerously raw and smells and looks contaminated. Now, the Water Chronicles, an online resource group dedicated to correcting this situation is offering free sponsored training for First Nations operators on water treatment practices at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre. More
My Story: Ken Sanderson

From a childhood spent in urban poverty to an inspirational role as a government policy analyst and devoted father, Ken Sanderson’s journey to self-discovery through education is a testament to his vision of a better life and the help he received from his mentors along the way.  More

Did You Know?
Our Did You Know? section is a diverse and interesting montage of news items – in minute form to make for easy reading. In this issue, check out our latest collection of “mini-stories” to keep up-to-date and inspired.  More
Calendar of Events

September 20 – 21, 2011 Calgary, AB
Guiding Circles 2 Workshop
Facilitator Training for Booklet 2: Finding New Possibilities

September 20, 2011 Winnipeg, MB
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion Workshop Professional management training

September 27 – 28, 2011 Toronto, ON
Guiding Circles 2 Workshop
Facilitator Training for Booklet 2: Finding New Possibilities

October 11, 2011 Vancouver, BC
Aboriginal Procurement Workshop
Seven-step Aboriginal Procurement Process

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Aboriginal Procurement Training

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