ABORIGINAL HR NARRATOR                        Français   fall 2011 | Issue # 10 
 President's Message

This is an exciting time for us as we near the finish of the second quarter in the first year of a three-year plan that will mark our most ambitious effort to date to engage and retain the interest of large organizations. Utilizing a new online strategy, our reach will extend into corporate Canada through the delivery of online tools and resources that service and engage Canada’s largest companies.  More

Eric Howe: Educational Return on Investment Higher for Aboriginal Peoples

Globally, Aboriginal people usually have the highest financial rate of return from education. In other words, they make more money from education than others. Without an education, Aboriginal people on average earn less than non-Aboriginal people but that difference in earnings vanishes with education. With more education, earnings increase (on average) for everyone but Aboriginal people’s earnings go up by more because they catch up with the earnings of non-Aboriginal people. So, how much money is on the line when Aboriginal people make positive educational decisions?  More

Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion Online – Product Snapshot

We’re taking our landmark Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion training program online and making it more affordable and accessible! This fall, you’ll have the ability to train multiple employees from across your organization at their desk or in the comfort of their home. As your employees engage in this borderless approach to learning, they will be better positioned to understand and support your inclusion efforts. More

Reserve the date! Mark your calendar for Inclusion Works ’12
It’s time to think about Canada’s largest national Indigenous inclusion event and Aboriginal recruitment fair. This time the event is taking place May 1-3, 2012 at the downtown Westin hotel in Edmonton, AB, adjacent to the city’s beautiful river valley. Like its predecessor events, Inclusion Works ’12 promises to deliver life-changing dialogue, tangible employment opportunities and a “meet, hire and inspire” attitude that sets the tone for a “don’t miss” event. More
New Aboriginal Workplace Health Check Assessment Tool

How does your company’s inclusion efforts measure up? The saying of “what gets measured, gets done” is a driving value behind our new assessment tool, designed to mine for information that will help you better understand what your strategies, practices and organizational behaviours say about your company’s commitment to Aboriginal inclusion.  More

Did You Know?
Our Did You Know? section is a diverse and interesting montage of news items – in minute form to make for easy reading. In this issue, check out our list of interesting facts and stats to keep up-to-date and inspired.  More
Calendar of Events

November 8, 2011 Vancouver, BC
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion Workshop Professional management training

November 22-23, 2011 Vancouver, BC
Guiding Circles 1 Workshop
Facilitator Training for Guiding Circles 1: Understanding Yourself

December 13-14, 2011 Regina, SK
Guiding Circles 1 Workshop
Facilitator Training for Guiding Circles 1: Understanding Yourself

February 14, 2012 Toronto, ON
Aboriginal Procurement Workshop
Seven-step Aboriginal Procurement Process

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Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion Management Training and Self-Study Modules

Aboriginal Procurement Online and Instructor-led Training

Inclusion Network National Aboriginal Online Job Site

Guiding Circles Career Development Training


 Leadership in Indigenous Workplace Inclusion