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 President's Message: Aboriginal Inclusion -- Active Engagement Creates Social Inclusion

For many of us, finding a job is simply a case of matching our skills to an employer’s needs. Unfortunately, for Aboriginal candidates, it can be a different experience and, sometimes, a disheartening one when applying for positions at a company that may or may not welcome Aboriginal workers. Recently, we made that process a lot less complicated by connecting candidates with inclusive employers who have already recognized the inherent value of social inclusion. Read on to learn what we did.  More

Meet the Regina Aboriginal Professionals Association

As one of Canada’s first urban Aboriginal associations, the Regina Aboriginal Professionals Association (RAPA) is a non-profit group dedicated to the advancement of Regina's Aboriginal community. Volunteer-based, its Board of Directors are driven by a desire to share, promote and support other Aboriginal professionals as well as help students who are seeking guidance or insight into their future careers. It’s a networking model that is catching on in other cities around the country.  More

Prof. Eric Howe: What good is education anyway?

Thousands of poets and songwriters can’t be wrong: money doesn’t buy you love. Of course, it does buy you a nice house, car, cool home entertainment system and more! But, some might ask, “if money can’t buy you love then what good is the increase in earnings that result from education?” In fact, although education increases your earnings (on average), it also gets you a lot more than just more money. Read on to find out what. More

My Story: Janis Brooks
Janis Brooks always knew she was a little different than most of her friends but she decided, in her university years, that she was just fine with her forward thinking, drive and determination. Today, she is an educated and accomplished entrepreneur and a proud member of the council’s Young Indigenous Professionals (YIP) advisory committee. With a burning desire to prove her worth through competence, excellence and confidence and using her mother as a role model and mentor, Brooks has won numerous provincial, national and international awards and scholarships for her academic achievements and community involvement. More
Tips, Tricks and Tidbits
Our Tips, Tricks and Tidbits section is a diverse and interesting montage of bite-sized easy reading items that will help you climb the Inclusion Continuum. In this issue, check out interesting facts and stats that keep you up-to-date and inspired.  More
Calendar of Events

May 15, 2012 - Vancouver, BC
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion Workshop
Professional management training

May 29-30, 2012 - Regina, SK
Guiding Circles 2 Workshop
Facilitator Training for Booklet 2: Finding New Possibilities

June 6, 2012 - Edmonton, AB
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion Workshop
Professional management training

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