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 President's Message: Inclusion is Healing Generations of Woundedness

It takes a thousand voices to tell a story and, today, there are a thousand stories of inclusion at work. Let me share one of those voices with you – Dr. Martin Brokenleg – who holds a doctorate in psychology, consults worldwide and is co-founder of the Circle of Courage model. Dr. Brokenleg recently shared some profound insights into the role of inclusion and woundedness at our Inclusion Works ’12 event.  More

Setting the Bar: Aboriginal Initiatives Make CMHC a Diversity Leader

In 2011, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) celebrated 65 years of service to Canadians. What first began as the National Housing Act, introduced in 1944 to help returning war veterans, has, over time, become Canada’s national housing agency. According to Gail Tolley, vice-president of human resources, communications and marketing for CMHC, workplace inclusion makes complete sense – as a business case and a social responsibility.   More

Professor Eric Howe: Hang together or hang separately?

Population forecasting has revealed that Canada’s demographic future is being driven by two stark facts: the Aboriginal population is disproportionately younger with a high fertility rate and the non-Aboriginal population is disproportionately older with a low fertility rate. Even where the Aboriginal population is not large today, the growth in its relative size will soon become notable. How will this affect our country’s future growth and prosperity? Read on to find out. More

Inclusion Works ’12 Touches Hearts and Minds
Inclusion Works may be over for another year but its impact continues to live on through those that participated in Canada’s largest Indigenous learning event and recruitment fair. Although we host, organize and deliver the event, we often struggle to find the right words to describe Inclusion Works but the facts remain constant, year after year. This event changes lives, perspectives, attitudes and business strategies. It opens up pathways to inclusion that accelerate employment and economic development opportunities for Aboriginal people through inclusive workplaces. More
My Story: Joseph Wabegijig
Even as a young teen enduring the hardships of a broken home, Joseph Wabegijig knew then that education would be his personal “road out” to future opportunities and prosperity. Working two jobs simultaneously, he saved enough to pay for his tuition, books and living expenses so he could attend college. Two years later, with diploma in hand, Joseph realized that his journey was not over – it had just begun! His college experiences, successful award win and attendance at Inclusion Works ’12 had inspired him to pursue a university degree in civil engineering so that, one day, he could proudly wear the designation of professional engineer. More
Tips, Tricks and Tidbits
Our Tips, Tricks and Tidbits section is a diverse and interesting montage of bite-sized easy reading items that will help you climb the Inclusion Continuum. In this issue, we’ve devoted some space to debunking some of the common Aboriginal myths and we’ve included a riddle and a quiz to keep you thinking!  More
Calendar of Events

Inclusion Works '13 Pre-Event Information and Networking Reception
(A great opportunity to network and learn the benefits of Inclusion Works '13 in the host city)
Wednesday, OCTOBER 10, 2012 -- Saskatoon, SK

Aboriginal Entrepreneurs Conference and Tradeshow 2012 
(The council is honoured to be selected as the 2012 Host of this second annual conference)
Monday-Tuesday, OCTOBER 15-16, 2012, Ottawa, ON

Inclusion Works '13: Formulas for Success
(Canada's largest Indigenous inclusion event and recruitment fair)
Monday-Wednesday, APRIL 29 - MAY 1, 2013, Saskatoon, SK

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