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 President’s Message: The Power of Voice

Jim Sinclair, one of the most significant figures in the advancement of Aboriginal interests in Canada, died November 09, 2012, at the age of 79. Jim was a founding member of the Native Council of Canada, now known as the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, and the Métis National Council. In 1982, he led the effort to have Métis recognized in the Constitution. Above all, Jim knew the power of voice – one voice or many voices united in one message.  More

Meet the Potts-Alexis Family

Growing up in Edmonton, Gina Potts-Alexis says she knew she was “different” from the other kids. After being forced off the Alexis Nation reserve by the federal government, her 13-member family had, at one point, lived in a tent during a typical Alberta winter but had eventually settled into a rental property in the city. She slept in one bedroom with three of her sisters, had never seen an indoor flush toilet before and delighted in the discovery of switches that instantly provided light. Her mother and father worked exceptionally hard but poverty was a constant companion. Today, out of 11 children, seven have university degrees, thanks to the extraordinary vision of her parents who saw education as a path to opportunity.   More

Inclusion Leader: The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

As one of the largest employers in Canada, the banking industry offers a wealth of job opportunities and benefits. However, Aboriginal candidates may not see banking as their first career choice. Awareness is one of the many aspects the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is working hard at to ensure that Aboriginal communities realize their futures can include a prosperous career in financial services. More

Helping Hands: The Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start Program
On June 21, 2012, 11 children (with an average age of four years old) graduated from the Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start program and from what will, hopefully, be the first of many achievements on their ladder of learning. In this first story of our new feature called Helping Hands, Chantal Batt, a proud aunt of one of the grads, writes about the program and its impact on the children and their futures. More
Professor Eric Howe: When does one plus one equal two?
In terms of economic activity, one plus one seldom equals two. In fact, in economics, one seldom equals one in the first place. Increases in economic activity have multiplier effects, which result in further increases but, intriguingly, there is one major exception – expenditures on Aboriginal people and programs – where different economic rules seem to apply. More
My Story: Tarra Wright Many Chief
Growing up in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains on the plains of the Kainai Nation in southern Alberta, Tarra Wright Many Chief came from a family of two cultures – Blackfoot and Welsh/German. Her parents were forced to overcome significant discrimination to be together and their example of perseverance eventually helped Tarra when she decided to carve out a better future for her and her young daughter. More
Tips, Tricks and Tidbits
Our Tips, Tricks and Tidbits section is a diverse and interesting montage of bite-sized easy reading items that will help you climb the Inclusion Continuum. In this issue, take a look at our Inclusion Works ’13 launch and networking reception photos, learn about the challenges between Corporate Canada and Aboriginal communities and view some recent demographic statistics from Stats Canada More

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Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion: Retention (am only)
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February 27, 2013 (am only) Toronto, ON

Inclusion Works '13: Formula for Success
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Monday-Wednesday, APRIL 29 - MAY 1, 2013, Saskatoon, SK

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